Tuesday, June 3

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NorthPole, 7:50


Naa has begun her summer holiday and I had meetings this morning, so I left early.

The morning was taken up with a meeting about the Media Management MA courses. The course needs to be restructured and Mats explained how he intended to do it. The meeting was surprisingly snappy, and we reached good decisions very quickly. However, since there were a lot of decisions to be made, the meeting still wasn’t short.

Lunch was ratatouille, which was better than yesterday’s fish balls.

I spent the afternoon invoicing people and preparing reports. I also wrote a paper for Nathalie on the benefits of using Lynda.com as a teaching resource, and why doing so would be cost-effective.

Now I am on my way home and to my surprise, although the weather is reasonably nice, the alley in Vartiokyla is completely devoid of dog-walkers and joggers.