Monday, May 26

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Arcada, C350, 15:10


Naa and I got the 7:35 bus for the last time until Friday. Tomorrow and Wednesday I will be in Tallinn and Thursday is Ascension Day, and thus a public holiday.

Jutta and I spent the morning discussing the benefits of with Nathalie, and then we went for a Chinese lunch with Nicke, Ludde, Mirko and discussed how best to get the Omtänk videos archived on the site. In the short term the answer was the dreaded iFrame, and in the longer term the answer will be to rebuild the site with a different framework and longevity in mind.

We had a team meeting in the afternoon to discuss how we are going to deal with the revamped first year when they arrive in August.

Now I am in the Oasis room with Ville who is going to present his MA thesis in five minutes. I am looking out the window at the square where the sun is beating down. This is the first thesis to be completed by the Media Management MA course and thus a bone fide historical occasion.

Since it is boiling hot outside and the academic year finishes this week, the audience will be microscopic but Ville will put on a good show, Mats and I will agree that the thesis is good, and everyone will leave happy.