Sunday, May 25

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Kaisaniemi Park, 15:20


Today was slightly more overcast, but Naa was determined to have more ethnic food, so off we went to the World Village Festival again. This time she had arranged to meet Sampo. When we got there I wandered over to the music and she wandered off to find Sampo. We didn’t see each other again all afternoon.

Hugh Masekela is in fine form, and the place is completely packed for his set. He has a natural authority that comes from years of experience and is clearly enjoying himself. Although there were clouds the weather is still extremely hot.

Today I decide to join in the mass seating and have a lamb kofta, a spring roll, and a sausage roll. I also have another ginger beer, and avoid Alpro at all costs. I also begin to fear that I will be escorted to a small and secure part of the site reserved for the few people who do not have tattoos. Almost everyone about the age of ten and below the age of eighty has their body mapped with new tattoos.

Naa and I had agreed to meet at 16:20 and we will both be at the right place at the right time. Naa will say goodbye to Sampo and we will head for the metro where she will detail her food consumption for today. It will turn out to be considerably more than mine.

When we get home Naa will start reading for her tests next week and I will spend a couple of hours in the garden helping Irma plant and carry.