Friday, May 23

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Itäväylä, 7:20


Today is the second day of interviewing, and I am out of the house early in the bright morning sunlight. For some reason the traffic suddenly diappears from the main road and so I decide to take the opportuniy to step into the road and photograph the bus shelter where I spend ten minutes every morning. Traffic will appear as soon as I step back onto the pavement. Perhaps I have magic powers.

At Arcada Jutta and I will see the remaining eight Online Media candidates. We will fit them into our ladder as we go and, thanks to Evernote, Jutta and I will both be completely on top of our documentation. We are able to share comments and scores, and modify our list of preferences as we go. This is both quicker and more accurate then trying to compare notes at the end of the day.

We have got our use of Evernote down to a shared art, and it just plain works.

At 14:30 we will finish and by 15:00 we will have our notes sorted out and our choices decided. Then Jutta will race off in her old Volkswagen to a meeting of old Volkswagen owners in Salo, and I will in the meeting where all the different streams pool their lists to produce the final global list of students for next year. This is teeth-pullingly awful due to the baroquely complex system that has been developed for a reason that nobody can understand.

Fred and I will be adamant that it must be changed for next year. Changed in this context means simplified to the point that it can be understood by humans.

At 18:00 Naa will phone me from the airport and at 18:30 I will race home to have a weekend with her and Irma.