Friday, May 16

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Hameentie, 13:00


This morning I came to work on my own. Naa was at Kamppi and Irma was working from home. I made the bus in seconds flat.

My first task this morning was to finally digitise the Negrava tapes from thirty years ago. Jutta had brought in a bright yellow sports Walkman and I had got the correct lead so I was all set. It turned out that I was about ten years too late.

When I had last played the cassettes ten years ago they had sounded fine. When I played them today there was about a 50% drop out on all of them. One second of silence, one second of idiosyncratic eighties pop, one second of silence, and so on. Aaaargh, as Auo would have said: a small and very unimportant piece of history has now disappeared.

Looking on the bright side, the complete disappearance of a major part of my artistic legacy left me with enough time to clear my task list and do some reading before lunch. I was able to order a book from the library, and correct a lamentable piece of student programming.

Now I am sitting down again, Fred has pointed out a new Hollywood sign over the road. I rush out to photograph it. Apparently Arabia is having a festival of cultural interventions and the first intervention has arrived. Over the weekend parts of the area will be painted, decorated, disguised and displaced.

Later I will create a questionaire to finish the Omtänk course, and finalise the administration for two theses. I will write to Steve and Michael, and book a dental appointment.

At 16:15 I will race off to see Naa, who is going to Berlin tomorrow; and to start a weekend with Irma and Sunshine.