Wednesday, May 14

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Itäkeskus metro station, 17:00


I spent the first hour at Arcada writing a report for Nathalie about my teaching in Odense. I explained the background, the activities, and the outcomes. I also wrote a paragraph or two about where we intended this to go and how we intended to get there.

At 10:00 I began what would be the final session in the XML course. This session was optional and was designed to help anyone who had issues or problems that they could not deal with on their own. Of the four people who had asked for the session only one turned up, but she got a full-on three hour one-to-one tutorial and by the time it was lunchtime she had no XML problems at all, and a complete (and completely valid) epub version of The Princess of Oz. She had built it from scratch during the morning.

In the afternoon I wrote a long email to Steve Drake and Michael Ivy in Africa, outlining possible ways in which we could collaborate on our research online. I then wrote out a set of learning outcomes for the Web Analysis course, based on Bloom’s taxonomy, for Tomas – and also as a pointed reminder to myself that I have been lobbying for us to find time to do this for all the courses. Finally I wrote my judgement on the thesis that I had examined yesterday. It scored 4 out of 5.

Now I am standing at the metro station waiting for Irma who will be along on the next train. I will leap back on and we will get off at Puotila where Irma has left the car. Naa will be waiting for us at home and I wil leave smartly again to buy milk.

In the evening we will go to Herttoniemi to vote in the European elections. This will be Naa’s first election as a voter.