Monday, May 12

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Vartiokylä, 18:00


I spent the morning reading two theses and making notes. The first one I read will be presented tomorrow and will be opposed by me. I therefore had to make sure I had arguments ready and responses to the counter-arguments. The thesis is good but (unfortunately for Robin, perhaps) I am genuinely interested in the topic, and have questions that I would like answering for my own reasons.

The second thesis was Ville’s, and will be the first ever MA thesis to be presented at Arcada. I am the supervisor for this one, and I need to make sure that it can actually be presented. Mats will oppose it, but my job is to make sure that it is in a state that means it can be presented. Fortunately, spelling errors aside, it really is.

Lunch involved fried rainbow trout and roast potatoes, with grilled tomatoes. There was conversation, some of which related to future cooperation with Odense. Sometimes, there are things to be discovered at lunch.

In the afternoon we had a team meeting which spent some time discussing the lessons we (may have) learned from Omtänk, as well as a variety of other matters, some much more important.

Now I have been home, and I am on my way to Alepa to buy milk. The sky is overcast but still blue, and there are birds on the wires, looking as though they are auditioning for a part in a movie.

In the evening Irma will read me a large section of Naa’s writing about Auo. The part in which she describes the moment in the hotel when we learned that Auo had died will be very evocative and I will find myself crying. If Irma’s translation is accurate in catching both the writing and the spirit, then Naa’s book is quite remarkable. I only wish I could actually read it for myself.

After this Irma will go to meet Christa, and then finally, when Naa is in bed, we will watch Criminal Minds. To our surprise it will be part two of an episode that we hadn’t even realised needed to be continued.