Thursday, May 8

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Hakaniemi, 9:20


Today I got up early and left on my own, having woken Naa on my way out. I had an appointment with Annika at Kriisipäivystys.

We sat and talked for almost ninety minutes about the ways I have been coping since Auo’s death. We talked about whether or not my reactions and feelings have been “normal” or not (they have), and whether or not I needed to worry about how and at what speed I am recovering (I don’t). We looked at how the three of us have and haven’t been working together, and at the various available strategies for dealing with this.

Written down this seems more dramatic than it actually was. In practice it was just some (probably much needed) conversation without any specified aim or purpose. The conversation went where it did and neither of us seemed to mind this. In the end we agreed that we should meet again in another two weeks, and I left for Arcada.

When I leave the building it is pouring with rain, and Hakaniemi is gloomy and deserted. There is a desultory market over the road but only a few stalls and no customers. I head into the metro rather than crossing the street and waiting for a tram.

I will spend the morning working with Nicke on the best strategy for streaming the final sessions on Friday onto the front page of the Omtänk site. In the afternoon I will clear a large number of tasks from my task list for this week, and work out a timetable with Jutta for dealing with the applications for places for next year. The entrance examinations are next week, and we have some work we will need to do before they take place.

At 17:00 Mike Bradshaw will give a workshop on presentation technique to the Omtänk participants. I will stay for some of it and then leave for home. Naa will be spending the night at Kamppi, so home will be quiet.