Friday, May 2

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Home, 16:00


Today Irma got up first and started working. Naa and I got up about 10:00, after a quick and silent breakfast, started working. I read some work-related material, answer some emails, and wrote the first draft of a paper I want to upload next week. I also spent several hours reading through the Background Material and Qotations notebooks I keep in Evernote. I made sure all of the quotation were properly attributed.

About an hour ago it started hailing. The balls increased in size as the hail continued, and by now they are alarmingly large. The cat is refusing to even consider going out, and is instead walking to the window and back, making angry noises.

Later, when there is a consensus that work is over, we will have a burst of activity. Irma will decide that we are going shopping and will then drive past Prisma and Itäkeskus to Hertaniemi. We will stop at a small mall I don’t remember ever entering before and go to a shop called Tokmanni which will somehow make me feel as though I am in Borgå. I will point this out and Irma will understand exactly what I mean. The layout and the selection of products remind me strongly of shops like Robin Hood. This will continue when I walk across the road to Lidl, and even when we come out into the Porvoo-like car park.

We will finish up at Stockmann searching in vain for yönakki.