Sunday, April 27

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The garden, 14:00


Today is very hot and very sunny. We got up late and had brunch, and now I am sitting in the garden getting tanned. It is so sunny that Irma suggests I take my shirt off. In fact, a wind comes and goes, which means that I end up taking my t-shirt on and off like a man practising getting dressed.

The flowers are beginning to bloom and there are ladybirds in the garden. This is the second time I have seen them this year.

I will realise that the sudden burst of fury I had yesterday is not the first one I have had, either at home or at work. I will decide that it is time to ask advice from the people at Diacor.

In the evening Irma will go for a walk with Christa and everyone will go to bed early. My face will be slightly red from sun, shame or embarrassment.