Tuesday, April 22

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Hameentie, 16:30


This morning Naa left tos school with a stool that she was supposed to take for her classroom. I walked alongside smiling.

I checked in for tomorrow, printed out tickets and instructions, downloaded a map of Odense for the iPad, and turned my attention to the XML Foundations group. They carried on with their project work, created a template version of an Oz book. I assisted where needed, and prodded where I thought the easy options were too often being taken.

Lunch was grilled chicken fillet with braised pinapple and rice.

The afternoon involved working out how best to get the students who are not yet involved in the Omtänk site involved. The answer seemed to be that the problem was circular and probably not worth worrying about. They are not involved because they do not have eithert the time or the inclination to involve themselves, and if they don’t have these then there is no point in trying to involve them.

Now, having written some letters explaining that this is my position, I am looking out of the window. Thjis bus always fascinates me, as it fascinated Auo the few times she saw it. The retro look is entirely achieved with screenprinting. The shapes of the windows are nothing like they appear and, from inside, the bus is just a standard Helsinki bus. The illusion never fails to impress me.

At 17:00 I will check that I have everything I need for my adventures in Denmark, and pack my bag, before heading home to climb a mountain of ironing. I will begin it at 19:30 when Naa arrives back from photography and we can fold the sheets in the authorised manner.