Saturday, April 19

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Vartiokylantie, 10:50


Last night I had about twelve hours sleep, so when I wake up and find Naa is still deep asleep I go for a walk. As I am walking home I am approached by a line of old people in brightly coloured cagouls. As they pass they stop to perform some group activity that looks alarmingly like map-reading. I watch them with surprised amusement.

After breakfast I will wash all the windows in the front of the house, which will take several hours. There are four windows, each double-glazed and therefore with four surfaces. Three of them have a bottom half which also has four surfaces. That is twenty eight surfaces to wash, fact fans!

Naa will go to Sampo’s for the night and, while Irma is driving her to the metro, I will sweep all the winter sand from the ground where the car stays. The cat will sit and watch.

I will go to bed at 21:20. Irma will stay up longer, until finally conceding that there is nothing on television worth watching.