Tuesday, April 15

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Sörnäinen metro station, 8:10


As I come up the escalators at Sörnäinen I can hear a string quartet. They have not been busking there for a month or so, but now they are in full force again. The tunnel gives them a very full and rich sound.

When I get to Arcada Irma will phone me up to say that I have paid one of the monthly bills to her account twice and that she has repaid me. I will check my net bank and see that this isn’t so. Exploring further I will see that I appear to have have paid her once from my current account and once from my savings account. Except that I didn’t, because I had no reason to ever open my savings account.

I will remember that I made the payments last week on my iPad, using the new version of the Nordea iPad app for the first time. This boasts “easy to use” drag and drop facilities, which allow you to make a payment by simply dropping one box onto another. The app does not require any passwords to confirm transfers between personal or shared accounts, whereas (sensibly) the netbank still does. I will suspect that what we have here is a genuine drag-and-drop, no-passwords-needed, mister-clumsy-fingers incident. I will also suspect that I shall go back to using the netbank where (sensibly) security takes precedence over ease of use.

I should point out, in fairness, that the app DOES require password confirmation for any external payments, so you cannot very easily pay a credit card or tax bill twice. However, it does not require any confirmations at all for internal transfers, which the netbank does.

I will spend the morning with the CMS group who are busy reimagining Zurker. Once done I will show it to some key members tosee if they would like the reimagining made into a real site.

After lunch I will have a long Skype call with Jutta during which we will completely reimagine the Online Media degree course to fit in with the new Module system. We will end up with a program that makes more sense, and fits in better with the rest of the department. We will be happier at the end of the call than at the beginning.

I will return two books to the library, before returning to Arcada to participate in a discussion about expanding the staff-room. It looks as though the Online Media studio will be moved to the other side of the corridor to a larger room with a worse view but more oxygen.

I will reread some more of my thesis, and decide that it makes more sense than I remember. I will come to an important decision about tone because openmindedness is not the same as bashfulness which is not the same as lack of confidence. The narrative is still too episodic and some of the joins need to be pulled apart.

I will leave for home at 19:30 intending to get home in time to have supper with Naa and Irma. Naa has to finish her big essay in the next twenty four hours and I want her to know that I believe she can do it.

As indeed she can.