Monday, April 14

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ARabiankeskus, 16:30


Naa had a late morning so off I went alone. I spent the morning sorting things out and the afternoon in a team meeting. I spent a few moments in between eating turkey steak and potatoes.

As a result of swapping disks I reinstalled Evernote from scratch and, as I half expected, it then began to work properly again. The underlying issue had been the local database, which had somehow been corrupted. Resinstalling it fixed the issue and the desktop application now seems to work again. I also uninstalled iTunes because I realised that I don’t need it anymore, for which I am very grateful.

I have started backing up my iPad directly to Apple’s cloud, and I have switched to using Musicbee as my music library. I found it a week or so ago, and it is extremely good. It is also a portable app, which makes it ideal for me.

Now I have finally left the building and I am on my way to the tram. I turn and see some activity in the square in front of the mall. Having just missed a tram I go and investigate. It is punkkibussi, making its annual visit. As always, the people queuing don’t look as if they ever get out enough to be in danger of punkki attacks.

I will get home first and let the cat out. I will do some ironing to pass the time, and then Irma will arrive. Naa is apparently staying overnight in Kamppi.

We will spend the evening talking about Auo and the numbness we have in common. The sun will disappear and the sky will darken into an extraordinary pattern of bas-relief clouds.

I will feel as though I am in a Thomas Hardy novel.