Saturday, April 12

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Vartiokylantie, 11:30


The weather is wet but the rain has stopped. I am out for a walk.

I will walk quite a long way and about two thirds of the way through my intended journey my right knee will stop working. I will have exactly the same as I have got each time I do the Midnight Run. The difference is that there it happens after I have been running for about eight kilometres. Here, I have been walking for about twenty minutes. I will stop for a few minutes, and then limp slowly and painfully back home.

In the afternoon Irma will go to Crazy Days to look at clothes and to explore the deli. She will get three dvds. She will also buy some plane tickets for a weekend in Manchester in September.

We will attempt to watch one of the dvds in the evening. The film is called Before Midnight and will turn out to be possibly the most boring and irritating film either of us can remember. We will abandon it in favour of CSI and Criminal Minds on Sub TV.

Puzzlingly, Rotten Tomatoes rates it as five stars. It turns out to be the final third of a trilogy, with the actors and the director sharing the script credits. This, I assume, means that much of it is improvised, which would explain the never-ending and inconsequential chatter. It doesn’t make it interesting though.

Perhaps we are just not in the right mood. Perhaps we never will be.