Saturday, April 5

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Vartiokyläntie, 10:50


I woke first, and my muscles were aching all over. I fel like a rock and roll song about minor body pain and so at 10:00 I went for a cycle ride.

The other day I had seen that Stockmann will be having Seagate Backup Plus 1TB drives in the Crazy Days sale next Wednesday for 89€, and I suspected that Prisma might try to match the deal. I cycled there to see. They did indeed have the drives in stock, which they didn’t last week, but they were priced at 119€. I will wait until Wednesday, then, to get my two.

Now I am almost back home. I have been trying to take an interesting photo through this pole for days, and so I stop to try again. This time it almost works. Oh look: there is a car visible, and so on.

When I get back to the house I will have a shower.

After breakfast we will tidy the house, and when I have cleaned the floors with the Dyson I will clean the Dyson. It is warm and so I will do this outside.

Naa will leave to spend the day with Sampo. Irma and I will do the first round of gardening in the bright Spring day- We will rip up grass from the spots where grass should not be, and we will cut old stalks where new stalks should be growing.

Later we will go to Prisma, and later still we will cook the food that we bought.

I like very much the Saturdays in which we sit together in the kitchen, cutting and peeling, and talking, and drinking cooking cider; maybe even more than Irma realises. The food that results from this will, as always, be delicious.

I will find myself thinking that, if Auo was here while Naa was out with Sampo, this would be absolutely perfect.