Wednesday, April 2

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A306, Arcada, 15:20


The cat must have got wind of my intentions, and it was quiet all night. I woke once for five minutes and otherwise slept for eight hours. It was Naa’s late morning so I crept out alone, and caught the earlier bus with Kaisa, our surgeon neighbour.

I dealt briefly with some students and then got on with the Omtänk website. Jutta was at home, I was at my desk, and we had a live Skype connection as we worked through the remaining issues. There were many of them, and more cropped up as we raced towards the deadline. The truth is that the project had never had a clear roadmap during its alleged development time and all the details that needed to be addressed brought themselves to our attention in the worst ways possible.

I had ftp access and then at 11:47 the ftp connection crashed, and I switched to working as best I could with the WordPress Them Edit page.

Natalie arrive yesterday afternoon and spent the morning getting her desk and stationery, and her connections sorted out. As I worked various furniture-carrying activities went on all around me. At 15:15 we declared the site finished, and I decided to have some lunch.

While we were in Warsaw I bought some cuppa soups which seemed suitably Polish. There were four and I had one of the beetroot ones on Monday. Now I am looking at the other three. I decide to try the sour sausage one. It is as good as the beetroot one. Cuppa soups are like breakfast cereals: they are all basically the same but they vary in interesting ways between different places and cultures.

After lunch I will discover how to translate the core Buddypress text but without an ftp connection I can do nothing except make some notes and leave for home. Just as I leave I will find out that we now have twenty three applicants for online media for next year, which will leave me leaving feeling happier than when I arrived.

Before I reach home I will somehow have purchased a litre of milk for each hand. I will attempt to deal with this by ironing and vacuum cleaning.