Sunday, March 23

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Itäväylä, 15:55


I went for a short walk this morning and then it started raining. I am going for a longer walk now because it has stopped.

I have walked down past Alepa and I am now walking along the main highway. In a month the cars will be invisible because of the leaves on the bushes.

Naa will go out to Vanessa’s first birthday party. We will not go even though we would very much like to. The thought of a children’s party seems altogether too uncomfortable, and we will not want to be the ones spoiling the party by crying in the corner. This will feel much too much like the basis for a second-rate country and western song.

In a few minutes it will start to rain again, but the sky will brighten in time for Irma to go to Kulasaari for a walk with Krista. While she is out, Naa will return and she and I will have showers before getting our bags and clothes ready for tomorrow.