Friday, March 21

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Puotila, 7:40


Naa spent the night at Kamppi, and I woke up just before the alarm. Somehow, being on my own, I moved with less urgency than normal. I walked to the bus and missed it by one minute. I walked down to Alepa for the 95 and missed it by five metres. I then decided to walk to Puotila where I missed the metro by two metres.

The next metro is in 8 minutes and I have decided not to walk to Itis. Instead I wander down the platform and up the other end to look around. To my surprise the kioski has turned into a full-size pizza place, complete with indoor seating.

I will get to work in time to finish preparing the CMS class and we will spend the morning in active exercises which everyone, including me, prefers to sitting watching me lecture. Progress will be made in mastering WordPress themes, and progress will be made in exploring Zurker. Some students will successfully drew the attention of the regular community to their posts.

The session will overrun because half the class has become genuinely interested in what they are doing, and want to continue doing it.

I will write and post a questionaire for the Social Media class, answer emails, read and comment on a thesis, and then leave for home. I will not be as early as I intended but I will not be late.