Wednesday, March 19

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Alppikatu, 16:15


I woke early. Thank you, Mister Cat. It was Naa’s late morning and so I left on my own and got the bus in plenty of time. It felt strange travelling on my own, and I found myself looking round uneasily as though something was missing. Which indeed it was.

I spent the morning demonstrating WordPress themes to the CMS class. This was the final morning of revision, before they start doing it themselves on Friday.

After a chat with Jutta I then joined her in an all-day team meeting which was supposed to be discussing how we might work more together. I got exceedinly frustrated and eventually verbalised this in a series of pointed questions. I felt that we should decide practical projects with specific dates and then see what we could each contribute towards them. Instead we seemed to be discussing abstract principles that nobody shared in ways that meant they could never reach any conclusion. Once I had voiced this it seemed that everyone agreed with me, so the meeting ended with a decision to have another all-day meeting next week.


Now I am near Melanmaki, walking towards Diacor. I have a letter to deliver to my doctor from Kela. I am shocked and surprised. Ever since I came to Finland I have marvelled at how everything is digitised and works smoothly in an intergrated manner. Now I am walking to Diacor to delver a letter that was sent to me with instructions to take it to my doctor. He will fill in the form explaining why I had time off work in January and then post it back to Kela. I have stumbled over an anomaly in the system!

Soon I will arrive home to hear the sound of Olivia and Naa playing Cluedo in Naa’s room.