Tuesday, March 18

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Hameentie, 18:00


I began the morning answering mails. There was a lot of mail about Omtänk, and some more from Pixelache. I also emailed Erik from Denmark to keep in contact.

At 10:00 I started the CMS course by explaining our road map and revising WordPress. I spent the morning going over what the groups should already know from last year’s Advanced Web Apps course. I say groups because the timing of the course has changed this year and therefore I have a larger group than usual. Both the current second year, and the current third year, are taking the course at the same time. Some people’s memories are therefore dimmer than others.

We broke at 11:45 for lunch and at 12:30 I introduced the second main topic of the course: Zurker. Everyone joined and began to explore the site. I posted a message for people to find and comment on. Silliness ensued.

After the session ended I began to work on something else when Andy came to ask me about the Projekt Ledning course he is teaching. It was the final session and the group had not delivered the work they were supposed to deliver. On the one hand this was bad, but on the other hand it was a catastrophe. The “work they were supposed to produce” is the website for Omtänk, which will be launched publicly on April 2nd. While I was concerned to some extent about what we should do about the students’ performance, and whether or not this reflected a flaw in the course planning, I was more immediately interested with how the fuck we get a website that doesn’t exist online in ten days.

I spent ninety minutes on Skype with Jutta discussing this rather than what we had planned to discuss (which was about learning outcomes and competences – something neither of us especially wanted to discuss anyway, since we have discussed this on many occasions and have written notes to prove it). We decided to have a meeting with a small group of the students tomorrow and embark on a rapid prototyping project in which we will lead them in a successful attempt to make the site.

I left Skype on and not long after this I got a video call from Hari in Kovalam. He wanted to know how we are, and said that he had seen me on Skype a number of times but never felt it was the right time to make contact. I was happy to talk with him and we spoke for about fifteen minutes although, looking back, we didn’t seem to cover much ground. It was good to make contact with him again though.

Now I have gone outside for a moment to clear my head. It is snowing hard, and has been snowing every time I looked out of the window this afternoon. The landscape has gone grey in sympathy with the clouds.

I will spend the evening reading material related to my thesis. Irma will phone and we will talk about our sadness. I will not be working at top speed but I will manage to get more than nothing done and will leave feeling slightly better for it.