Monday, March 17

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Stairs, Arcada, 14:00


This morning I woke up with a headache, and with my neck and shoulders feeling like they had been beaten. Either I underwent severe stress in the night, or I got into a boxing match while sleeping, or I am halfway to getting a head cold. Any of these are possible.

The temperature seemed to have dropped about five degrees. My face felt frozen as we walked to the bus, and I missed my gloves for the first time in weeks. The sudden drop in temperature had left yesterday’s snow very crisp and hard underfoot.

In the morning I read through two draft theses. One was interesting but incomplete and the other was finished but dull. No matter how many I read I remain uncertain as to what level of analysis they should be held. The second one seemed to me to be a somewhat sketchy description of a piece of software that itself sounded like a scam. I have to read them both again tomorrow. so I will come to a firmer conclusion then.

At 11:30 a group of us gathered in Kabinett Runeberg to see where we have got to with the Omtänk project. We spent ninety minutes mapping out our current position and giving ourselves deadlines. Since Runeberg is right next to the restaurant we did this while eating lunch. I had sausage stew and boiled potatoes, which is always a pleasant child-like lunch.

At 13:15 we started the monthly team meeting, also in Runeberg, and a few minutes ago Irma phoned to ask me to check my bank account. I was happy to have a chance to leave the room. The bank have indeed refunded the money that I stupidly transferred on Friday to an account Of Auo’s that we had closed.

Now I am walking back down the stairs to rejoin the team meeting. I pass some cleaning equipment, neatly stacked in the corner of the stairs. I will explain to the team how Omtänk is going, which will include reminding people of what it is and why we are involved in it.

At 15:30 I will look out of the window and realise that the sky is bright blue, although the temperature is cold enough that the snow is still lying there. I will answer some email and leave.