Thursday, March 6

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Prakticum, 12:20


I finally started a morning in the gym, and it definitely felt worth it. I was sore but energised after thirty minutes. And I had had a useful pre-meeting.

I spent the morning with the Social Gaming group, who were now in full-on action mode. They were compiling a set of quiz questions for the potential Arcada Day mobile app, and the questions got odder and odder as the session went on. However, it began to look as though the app might indeed take shape in time. One group dealt with the questions while the second group dealt with the business of collecting the user data on the server and processing it.

At midday I left what was now the joke-writing group writing the script for the app and joined the media team for a working lunch. We went to Prakticum, where the catering students are having a Japanese day: miso soup followed by Tokyo chicken wok. I am looking through my glass of water at a waiter serving water to a couple in the corner.

We will begin talking through our long-range plans and continue for the rest of the afternoon in a room at Arcada. The subject will seem both unnecessarily complex and circular. Every time we will be about to reach agreement about one part Tommy will point out that we cannot do that until we agree another part. We will switch topics, eventually find agreement and be told that we cannot do that until we agree a third part. The third part, in turn, will turn out to depend completely on us agreeing the first part first. And round we will go.

I will stagger out, head spinning, at 16:30 and head for home. Naa will be at Kamppi and Irma will be profoundly depressed. This, I will know is not a matter of logic but a matter of temperament and is a gulf that cannot easily be bridged, no matter how much honest effort I make, and how much honest effort Irma makes.

We will try to understand each other. I am not sure we will manage.