Saturday, March 1

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Vartiokyläntie, 10:00


I was first up this morning, woken by the cat as usual. I fed it, let it out, and then wiped the floors and polished the furniture. After that I went for a long walk.

I am halfway to Alepa and the snow has almost completely gone. There are just small areas of white remaining here and there. I will turn right at Alepa and walk the length of Kiviportinitie, turn left at Roskutie, and then right at the corer of the woods. I will walk along that road, past Silja’s house, over the main road, along to Plantagen and then back over the road and home. When I get back Irma and Naa will be up, I will have a shower, and it will be brunch time.

After our traditional late Saturday breakfast I will do the ironing and then, when Irma goes to see Olivia, I will beat the carpets and run around the house with the Dyson.

Irma has a horrible time every morning, waking up to intense sadness, but usually feels somewhat better as the day rolls on. Later in the afternoon, when Naa has left to spend the evening with Sampo, she will make a meal for the two of us. I will sit and chat, and we will share a bottle of wine.

The day will end rather better than it started.