Friday, February 28

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Arcada, 14:10


Yesterday evening we were completely surprised when Sunshine returned home with a mouse in its mouth. It is still supposed to be winter. We were so surprised that we failed to catch the mouse when Sunshine dropped it. So did he, and the mouse disappeared.

To nobody’s surprise I was woken at about 4:15 by enormous bangs. I realised what it was: the mouse had tried to sneak out and Sunshine had seen it. I got up to find one of the speakers knocked over, along with the wooden box and radio that live on top of it. They had piled up and the mouse was hiding, trapped in a hole the cat couldn’t reach. The noise was the sound of the cat using all its ingenuity to dislodge the pile it had created to get at the mouse.

Naa had an early schoolday and was staying at Kamppi, so I locked the cat in her room, and then grabbed the mouse and dropped it in the garden. I let the cat out and went to bed. I was kept awake for another thirty minutes by its continuing efforts to find the mouse and the accompanying “I’m a fierce hunter, I am” noise that it makes in these circumstances.

I woke later than usual, due to the disturbance, but at 9:00 I began the final stretch in a week of XML schema. Everyone in the first year group is very quick and very alert, and we finished early, having covered more than I originally intended.

Now I have decided to spend the afternoon looking for material in my archives and, in the process tidying them up. Before that, though, I am prowling the corridors to avoid staring at a screen for ten minutes. Many people have already left but there are still some students reading, and the online media lab is almost full of people finishing projects and exploring software.

I will discover a lot of material I had forgotten about on cds and in boxes, all of which will prove to be directly relevant to either my thesis or another project that I have planned. Some of the material is stuff that I thought I only had on zip cartridges, but it turns out that I had had the foresight to burn backups to cd and dvd in 2002.

Mister Futureproof, or what.

At 16:20 Irma will come to collect me and, like it or not, the weekend will start here.