Thursday, February 27

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Hameentie, 12:45


I woke half an hour early, having an odd but amusing dream that had nothing to do with anything. I was trying to choose between different mixes of an album for reasons that, even in the dream, I did not understand.

I got to Arcada to have a brief bur energetic burst of gymnastics, after which I prepared my XML examples. I spent the morning with the XML Foundations class, and to my delight three quarters of the class had working schema by the time we stopped for lunch. I have gone outside for a few moments walking and I am looking at a poster and graffiti that I have not really noticed before. I pass them every day but usually I am looking ahead.

In the afternoon I will discover that the Social Gaming class have no social games to show me. I will pretend that this is acceptable and outline strategies for developing one by next Tuesday, when I will drop my pretence.

For some reason, while I am searching for an example, I will start thinking about Pete Wylie. By a circuitous route, while demonstrating how circuitous routes can prove useful, I will stumble upon Big Hard Excellent Fish, and travel back in time. Their second single in 2012 was a remake of their first single from 1989, and both are classics that should be heard by everyone. Pete Wylie wrote the words for the first single, and they are recited by Josie Jones, who was his collaborator in The Might Wah!

AT 16:00 Irma will phone to ask if I want to meet her and Anna in a cafe in Itis and, ten minutes later, I will pack my bags and leave. When I get there I will spend a happy forty minutes in Antilla Top Ten while Anna and Irma talk.

On the way back to the cafe I will drink some free samples of mango piima and like it.