Monday, February 24

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Itäväylä, 7:15


Naa and I got up just before 7:00, ate breakfast, and left. There is a noticeable difference in the quality of the morning. A week ago it was still dark when I left. This morning, dawn had obviously arrived an hour ago. Spring is here.

When I get to work I will discover that we are scheduled to have unseasonably hot weather this week, of eight degrees or more. Goodbye snow, then.

I will also discover that the students who wanted to meet me no longer want to meet me, which is fine by me. Perhaps I should encourage more of this sort of thing.

I will try to work on a paper describing the Narrative Club, and realise that the books that I need to do this are still at home. Or I will realise that the fact that some books are still at home provides a nice excuse for my inability to write anything. I will also realise that I am going to fail completely in my announced intention to send the final draft of my thesis to Stefan and Juha by the end of this month. I will look around and fail to notice any sort of Plan B lying conveniently to hand.

I will have a lunch that involves hake marinated in black beans, and tastes better than it sounds. Then I will go to Pixelache for a meeting with Nathalie and Andrew about the Narrative Club. I will wish that I had a paper to give them, as I fumble around trying to explain something that was crystal clear to me two months ago.

In the end the meeting will be about Pixelache’s archives, and about narrative in a very general sense. I will scarcely mention my idea, although I will talk a little about my desire to make herbal face cream at Camp Pixelache. I will not discuss the paper bags, nor the story behind it.

I will arrive home on the same bus as Naa. Since they both received prescriptions and therapy today they will go to the apteeki while I talk to the cat.

The cat will not seem very interested.