Sunday, February 23

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Kluuvi, 13:08


Yesterday I was planning to go to Kluuvi and today I actually did. There is an exhibition here of the photographs that Lauri Eriksson took for HSL, and which have been plastered all over the metro for the last couple of months.

When I got here I discovered that the exhibition was much smaller than I had hoped, and the catalogue that I had been hoping to purchase did not exist. I looked at the dozen large portraits and left.

Kluuvi, however, was a different story. It was reconstructed several years ago and I have not been in it since. It now has the feel of a high quality venue in some southern European location. On the top floor there was a wine bar where two middle-aged people sat, talking quietly and drinking slowly from enormous schooners of white wine. Even the McDonalds on the ground floor had been redesigned to look upmarket.

Later in the afternoon we will go to Niilia’s parents for a social visit and a meal. The food is traditional Sri Lankan and absolutely delicious. We will spend a very pleasant visit before coming home to shower and get ready for school and work. Naa and Sampo will each announce on their Facebook pages that they are now “in a relationship”.

I wil be amused in a supportive way, whatever that means.