Monday, February 17

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Itäväylä, 7:20


This week is Ski Holiday Week, and so Naa has no school. I am at the bus stop on my own. The atmosphere is a strange mixture of mist, bright lights and darkness. Whatever my phone is doing at the moment, it could not reasonably be described as taking sharp photos.

At Arcada I will chat with Tommy and Jutta before meeting with Liisa. We will make a valiant attempt to give Omtänk some definite shape; something that we can describe in detail and plan around. We might even succeed. I will look out of the window and realise that it is snowing very hard. I will look out again thirty minutes later and there will be no sign of snow at all. I will assume that the drugs have kicked in and I am hallucinating. I will decide that there are worse things to be doing and worse ways to pass the time.

In the afternoon we will have a team meeting, and after that I will attend a board meeting at Pixelache.