Saturday, February 15

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Sundö, 14:00


We all got up late, although Naa was the one with the hangover. Her after-party had gone on a long time afterwards.

After breakfast we drove to Sundö. The roads were very quiet and Tirmo was completely silent as we sat waiting for the ferry.

Now Ann-Sofi has taken us out on the ice. Irma did not feel safe, and returned to shore to see the sheep with Camilla. Naa and I have walked across the bay. The ice is not as thick as usual, and it is wet on top; but it is still safe. I am cheered by the snowmobile tracks. If the ice is strong enough to drive a snowmobile over it then it must be strong enough for me to walk on.

Johan has placed nets under the ice and Mikael will walk out to join us and check for fish. We will find two hauki. By the time we walk back I will also understand how the nets work; that is, how you get them under the ice in the first place, and how you get them up again to check for fish.

We will walk back as it begins to get dark, having decided that it is too late to walk further out to check the other nets. We will eat some of Camilla’s delicious home-made meat soup, and sit talking.

Later we will drive home, before going to bed very early. We will sleep about thirteen hours.