Friday, February 14

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Vartiokyläntie, 17:20


Naa had a late morning, because today is the day of the big dance at jäähalli. I left at 7:00 for a morning with the XML Foundations course. We finished the first block thirty minutes early, primarily because they refused to be baffled by anything I showed them. They all kept up, and all did the exercises in less time than I expected. We finished with an early lunch.

I spent the afternoon with the Social Gaming group. Last time they had to play a role playing game and this produced lively and amusing chaos. Emilia had never played an rpg before, and suddenly found herself reading an incomprehensible sheet of rules and then being in charge of implementing them. She was confused and succeeded in confusing everyone else.

Today they had to invent a game to meet a set of criteria. A group of people who do not know each other arrive in a room to play a game. By the end of the game they are in teams of two. Invent the game that they play to achieve this.

Now I am on my way home. This morning, before I left, I put a Valentine’s Day card on the table with a Finnair gift voucher in side. In my hand I have a bottle of champagne (as in champagne, not sparkling wine) and another card. I am not sure what the blue is in the snow but it appears to be there, and it appears to be unnaturally bright.

When I arrive home Naa will be back from the dance and ready to go to the jatkot. She will be looking like a teenager about to hit town. The dance went well, nobody fell over, and she is radiating a palpable sense of relief, and looking relaxed for the first time in days.

Irma will take Naa to the metro, and then go to Prisma. When she returns we will drink the champagne, and for a few hours we will have fun.