Saturday, February 8

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Vartiokyläntie, 15:35


Irma’s mood enhancing tablets turned out to be indistinguishable from knockout drops. She didn’t wake up until midday, after approximately fourteen hours of either sleep or unconsciousness. By that time I had been on a morning walk and had a shower. The morning was very, very grey.

After a very late breakfast she and Naa left to Marimekko, on a mission, while I wiped the floors and vacuum-cleaned. Now they are back and I am having a longer, afternoon walk. I am looking at a piece of graffiti which has puzzled me for some time. It is written on a box that is either used for electricity or mail. Whatever it means, and whatever language it imagines it is written in, it is cheerfully absurd.

At 19:00 Tarkku will begin a three hour radio programme about Tove Jansson which Irma will listen to loudly. I will decide to spend my time rescuing the Haiku Weekly project, and putting it back online here. This will involve reconfiguring Xampp, setting up a local installation of a very old version of this site, failing to get it working properly, and then using phpMyAdmin to read the 53 entries in the series directly from the database.

I will finish this at 21:55, five minutes before the radio show ends. I will be happy to get it done finally, and retire to bed to be asleep before 22:30. Irma will enter a chemically induced slumber at approximately the same time.