Tuesday, February 4

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Kitchen, 17:15


This morning Naa started school early, so I got up at 7:00 and had breakfast with her. I was deep asleep when the alarm went, dreaming I was in a bar with Lars, somewhere where there was a revolution being fought. I was trying to pay, and the barman wanted the exact money; and the notes came in every possible amount. I only had a $37 and a $43 note and the drink was $31. Things were starting to get nasty when the alarm went.

Yesterday I had folded all the funeral programmes, and this morning Irma bound them. After that we went to Itis to reorder the pies from Stockmann that we had ordered and unordered last week. Then we bought a photo-frame from Tiger, and a couple of other things. We stopped at Prisma on the way home to buy several litres of milk for Thursday, and a shopping basket of random consumables, from candles to vegetables.

Much of the afternoon was waiting to speak to someone at the cemetery who was in a meeting. Eventually we drove to see him. We needed to clear up some final details for the funeral service, since the timing might be quite tight. He was friendly, straight-forward, competent and obviously very experienced. Our matters got sorted out in five minutes once we actually had his attention.

Now we are home again. Naa is back from school and Irma is making traditional sausage soup. I am looking forward to eating it.