Friday, January 17

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Kiviportintie, 15:45


This morning we were all up at 7:00. Naa and I had breakfast, and Naa went to school. At midday we went to see Irma’s work doctor who had offered to give her two days sick leave. This was eventually extended to two weeks, because anymore might cause administrative problems. Irma can go again in two weeks time to ask for more time off if she wants.

Ho ho ho.

On the way there we saw a long line of people who had made very bad choices in their lives queuing for carrier bags of free bread. Some of them were passing round a bottle of vodka as they queued.

Ah, the randomness of life.

Now I am opposite Alepa by the postbox. I have something to post and that is an excuse to go for a brisk walk. It turns out that gestalt therapy is correct. If you deliberately try to walk at speed with the posture and gestures of a happy successful man, your body will begin to pass the message to your brain and you will start to feel better. Presumably if I spend eighteen hours a day walking briskly I might feel fine all day. The bushes are covered with snow. The temperature is minus ten, but the snow is forming a very thin layer on the ground.

When I get back I will Skype Luke which will also cheer me up. Irma will check online and, at this time of year we can get 10% off coffins with our S-Card, and maybe double bonus points.

The amusement never stops.