Tuesday, January 14

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Home, 16:00


Naa had decided she would go to school for one lesson and I encourage her. She left at 9:00 and returned at 13:00. It worked; she had crossed a line and felt a bit more connected to the world. I feel very proud of her.

I will have a video Skype call with Jutta for over an hour and I am so very glad to speak to somebody who really knows me and really knew Auo. I am spending much of the rest of the day dealing with all the messages and posts on Facebook, and in emails. I uploaded several photos of Auo.

This photo is, as far as I can tell, the last selfie that Auo ever took. It was taken on January 2, and I will find it tomorrow while downloading all the images from her camera in order to back them up.

Irma is in Delhi at the Finnish Embassy, working with Anib in Trivandrum to try to get Auo’s body flown home. We spoke several times during the day, and messaged each other. She will fly home tomorrow.