Thursday, January 9

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The path round the pond, 13:30


The rain had stopped in the night, but Auo turned out to be almost right in her assertion that this would cause coconuts to fall. I was woken at 6:00 by the sound of three large and heavy jackfruit hitting the ground outside my window.

Naa had an early breakfast and went for her second surfing lesson, being nothing less than determined. The instructor failed to turn up, so she sat in Leo until it was time for her massage. I then joined her for my final massage.

Now I am walking home and looking at the enormous leaves that have sprouted in the last week on the paths round the pond. In a few moments I will walk back onto the road and be passed by a rickshaw with a grinning Ravi driving and a loud and laughing Irma leaning out of the back waving.

Auo still doesn’t feel well and so we will abandon our plans for a final meal at Palm Beach where Michael now works. Instead we will eat at home using the many delicious leftovers in the fridge.

After dinner Naa and I will walk back to the beach to pay Hari for the massages. He will not be there, so Naa will walk down to tell Michael that Auo is ill. When we get back she will be lying on my side of our bed half asleep and restless.

I will leave her there and sleep on the floor in the living room.