Monday, January 6

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Kovalam Surf Club, 16:00


After breakfast we sat on the roof and agreed that we would go to Divine Supermarket and the beer shop tomorrow on the way back from Trivandrum. An hour later, restless and in need of action, Auo and Irma got a rickshaw to Divine Supermarket and the beer shop. Then the girls walked down to the beach with the frisbee.

Now the adults have walked down to the beach because Irma is going to have some reflexology from Biju. The girls stayed at home reading.

Irma has become determined to see the Surf Club shop open and so we have gone down the alley behind Wilson’s Hotel once more. This time it is open, and we talk to a Belgian surfer, buy some t-shirts and book some surfing sessions for the girls.

On the wall opposite are some murals including one of the ubiquitous green god who formed a major part of the performance we saw.

Later we will return to eat at Leo. Naa and I will share a huge butterfish and it will be delicious. Two Italian men, out of their heads and loud, will be chasing the dragon in the toilet, as we used to say in the eighties.