Friday, December 20

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Delhi, 07:45


The night flight was not as bad as Naa and I had feared. We were both tired and none of the movies appealed to us. We ate, wrapped ourselves in blankets and tried to sleep. We managed to sleep more than squirm, although we both did a fair bit of sleepless squirming; and Naa slept right through breakfast.

Now we have landed at Terminal 3 and collected our luggage. Everyone is in a good mood and we are waiting for the shuttle bus to take us to Terminal 1D.

We will drop our baggage at IndiGo and go through security. I will make and it and others won’t. Our online boarding passes have some of the text in Finnish and security is suspicious! After thirty minutes we will be given freshly printed card boarding passes, leaving Irma wondering why she bothered to check in online in the first place.

We will get the answer when we get on the plane. We have seats together and many Indian families who checked in at the airport don’t. We will have two flights – to Mumbai and then to Trivandrum – but they will both be on the same plane and we will just sit there.

We will have samosa and parantha as snacks and they will both prove to be delicious. The samosa are definitely something to recommend.

Anib will meet us at the airport and hand us over to a driver. He will stop for an hour at the Divine Supermarket in Kovalam Junction where Irma and Naa will pick up supplies while Auo and I complete my daily mission in Temple Run 2.

Just before dark we will be in Blue Breeze, feeling at home. While we are unpacking the cat we call Halo will appear and we will feed it. The girls will have supper, and Irma and I will sit on the porch with two Kingfishers, before everyone goes to bed early and falls into instant deep sleep.

We are here.