Tuesday, December 17

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Arabia Mall, 17:30


Jutta and I spent the morning with various students, singly and in groups, to discuss the progress of their work for the Interactive Storytelling masterclass. Variable would be a fairly accurate description. One group is teetering on the edge of collapse, and we will see about the others.

This continued, in one form or another, throughout the afternoon. I also managed to write some emails, answer some others, and make some backups.

Now I am at the mall. I feel a need to take a break and get away from the building. I also feel a need to eat two of Fazer’s strawberry pies. I manage to achieve both goals. I will look briefly at the Christmas decorations before wandering back to Arcada.

I will spend the evening checking that I have everything a need for a serious spell of early morning writing in Kerala. At 20:40 I will leave for home, to have a chat with the girls before they go to bed.