Monday, December 16

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Hermannin Rantatie, 13:15


I spent the morning with Jutta planning an end to this period’s courses, and a start for next period. AT 11:00 I had a lengthy tutorial meeting with Maija about the interactive toy that she and Tony are developing as a thesis project.

Now I am walking to Pixelache to meet John. I am passing the only biofuel station I know in Helsinki. I am not even sure I know precisely what biofuel is but the forecourt is always deserted so I suspect biofuelled cars are not yet plentiful. My suspicion is fuelled by the fact that, by comparison with the normal gas station behind me, biofuel costs half as much per litre as ordinary gasoline.

John and I will spend the afternoon looking in some detail at the rails application he is writing to run almost every aspect of Pixelache. I am looking at it and wondering if it will also run the social network, which leads into a long conversation about what social networks are for in the first place. Ville and Andrew are there too and the conversation covers a lot of ground.

Nathalie and Mikko arrive and JOhn and I leave. It feels like the most productive afternoon I have had in a long while.

When I get home I will take the Christmas decorations down, because we live in the future, and then do some ironing, because the future needs clean clothes.