Saturday, December 14

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Itäväylä, 10:30


This morning became a late start, because we had been up late last night watching nonsense on television. I woke up with my back aching and decided to go for a walk. I have been walking for about twenty minutes, and I am surprised. The weather feels like early October. The wind is blustery but not very cold and the leaves are still lying around on the ground.

I am looking down at some pine cones. They, and the leaves they are lying on, are still various shades of red and brown. Last year, if they had still been here, they would have been buried under twenty centimetres of snow.

When I get home I will shower and we will all have breakfast. Naa won’t because she will be nowhere to be seen. She is at a course all day today and all day tomorrow learning how to run courses for small children.

In the afternoon Irma and Auo will go to Stockmann and I will stay at home reading, writing, and cleaning. In a fit of late autumn madness I will beat all the carpets.

After a dinner of bits and pieces turned into something delicious, we will all go to bed very early because we have to get up before dawn tomorrow.