Friday, December 13

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Arcada, 9:00


I left the house on my own this morning. I have to be at work at 8:00 and Auo’s school starts at 9:00. There has been a storm overnight and it is still blowing. When I got to Arcada it took two of us to pull the door open and I nearly got blown over.

I have printed out the book exam papers, set up the room, and now I am downstairs, drinking glögg and watching the Santa Lucia ceremony.

I will supervise a book exam in the morning, while juggling several administrative tasks which will include my first experience of the new M2 online form system. In the end I will be so uncertain that I have completed it correctly (even though it is all in English) that I will write to Eija with a more logical explanation of what I want and why than the online forms seemed to be willing to allow.

SyncToy does not work with Windows 8 and so I will switch to FreeFileSync, which has the advantage of being a portable app. I will preform my first weekly backup with it.

I will then spend the rest of the afternoon with Nathalie at Pixelache, discussing creating something out of the archives as a tenth anniversary book. We will also discuss my coming-soon Narrative Club project, and how it will fit into an expanded definition of Pixelache’s involvement in The Commons.