Monday, December 9

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Hameentie, 8:45


Auo and I were first out. Now I am walking from the tram to Arcada. The ground is covered in snow, and probably will be for the next few days. However it is a thin covering that feels pleasantly wintry. No more till Christmas please.

I will spend much of the morning in a planning meeting with Jutta, courtesy of Skype. We will get a lot done, and my new laptop will give me perfect sound and vision. In particular, it works without a headset: the microphone cancels out the incoming sound from the speakers.

I will spend the afternoon listening to Tony and Maija pitch their thesis project. Their presentation is at very short notice, and will therefore not be as good as it should be. They will however spark off some more ideas.

I will leave work early to collect milk on the way home.