Wednesday, December 4

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Dining room, Arcada, 13:53


Auo was ill again this morning for the second day running. She spent yeaterday in bed with a headache and fly symptoms, reading her way through Famous Five and Biggles books. She will do the same today.

I spent most of the morning with the Advanced Web Apps students, some of whom were finishing their websites and some of whom were beginning the task of converting the sites to WordPress themes.

Now I am eating sausage stew and potatoes: a childish meal that feels great sometimes in winter. I saw it was on the menu and walked downstairs Pavlovian-style. On the way back upstairs I am struck by the handle on a stairwell in the artificial light. More specifically, I am struck by the contrast of materials.

I will spend the afternoon setting up my new laptop, which has Windows 8.1. It also has a trackpad that I find impossible to control. One day I will discover how to change the sensitivity of a trackpad in Windows 8.1. The laptop itself is an Asus Zenbook and seems nice enough.

In the evening I will use an iron that is familiar to me to iron all the laundry I can find.