Friday, November 29

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Arcada, 18:50


Today was Free Fanta Day and, to my surprise, there was a young woman standing by a fridge at the roadside a couple of hundred metres from Arcada. She handed me a bottle of Fanta. When I went back later, hoping for more, she and the fridge were still there but the fridge was empty.

I spent the day in meetings with various groups of students about the Interactive Storytelling projects; and with helpdesk about my new computer. I got to look at it, but not to take it away. It was still in the middle of having software squeezed into it.

Now it is evening and I am at Arcada’s pikkujoulu. It is being held in Arcada this year, and this is the starter. The main course also prove to be a pot pourri of little bits an pieces. So far I have drunk two glasses of non-alcoholic sparkling stuff, and now I am having n actual wine.

I will leave early, although from what I learn later, everyone else will leave a few minutes after me.