Thursday, November 28

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A3, Arcada, 15:40


Another cold, clear morning began with two people on a bus talking about gym lessons and cellos.

I spent much of the morning in impromptu tutorials with three of the Interactive Storytelling groups. Progress continued to be made.

I spent much of the afternoon researching and discussing Zurker, which is attempting to become a cooperatively-owned social network. Despite a guest column in Wired UK in 2012 that warned, on fairly flimsy grounds, that Zurker “might” be a scame, it has grown dramatically in the last twelve months. (There was an interview with the founder Nick Oba in the magazine the following month, in which he defended himself successfully.)

I am suggesting that we might join it, and experiment with using it as a social network and as a place for experimenting. I am also thinking of investing in it.

Now I am re-entering the staff room, after filling my water bottle and having another impromptu corridor meeting. Fred is watching me, and the sun is already setting.

In fifty minutes I will leave for home in the dark.