Wednesday, November 27

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Arcada, 9:50


It was a cold, still early morning and now the weather is clear and bright. I am wandering downstairs to check if my new laptop has been configured yet. “Oh, the architecture!”, I say to myself.

No the laptop isn’t ready: helpdesk are understaffed. It will be ready “soon”. When I get back upstairs my current laptop will have bluescreened again.

I will spend the rest of the morning planning with Jutta, before she leaves with Tommy for Copenhagen and a meeting that I am glad I am not part of.

In the afternoon I will have a lengthy tutorial with two of the members of one of the Interactive Storytelling groups. They have a very good idea but they are having trouble agreeing on how to approach telling it. By the end of the meeting they will have moved forwards, but may or may not have actually agreed on a single approach.