Wednesday, November 20

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Itis, 16:20


I spent the morning with the Advanced Web Apps group, who were either continuing their grid-based design, starting it, or wondering why we were doing one in the first place. I spent a lot of time persuading some of the group that two guidelines placed apparently randomly on a blank Photoshop document did not constitute a grid, and certainly not a grid that could be used as a framework for a design.

Now I am on my way home early. Today is our 14th anniversary and I am going to get some presents. I already left Irma a card that I made yesterday for when she woke up. Now I have a box from Body Shop and I am about to get a retro-phone handle for Irma’s phone (“it protects you from 90% of phone radiation!”), some chocolates and a bottle of sparkling wine.

I will get a Swiss Diamond frying pan, that I suspect I will never get a chance to use. We will then spend the evening eating chocolate, drinking wine, and phoning each other from different rooms.