Tuesday, November 19

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Hameentie, 16:20


This morning I began Block 3 of the Advanced Web Apps course. In this block we are looking at designing websites using grids. Very few people had done the required reading so we began with an hour’s copulsory on-screen reading. I then explained what grids are and how they can work. Everyone had been supposed to think of a website that they wanted to design: either a real one or an imaginary one. Half the group had not done this, so I gave out a few suggestions and tried to force people to think.

After this I had a tutorial with Idamaija about her thesis project. She has been reading a lot, and we had much to talk about.

I have been reading through the draft of my own thesis for an hour and I decided that I needed some apples before I went any further. I am now on my way back from S-Market with a bag of them. It has been raining hard most of the day and it is still drizzling.

I will carry on reordering the arguments in the thesis until about 21:00, when I will leave the building to walk into cold drizzle.