Friday, November 8

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Hameentie, 8:50


This morning began in the pouring rain. Auo and I both had to use umbrellas and our legs were soaked by the time we got to the bus stop. Now I am walking to the mall at Arabia to buy some apples. I will succeed in this mission.

I will face a morning of meetings and planning, starting with Tomas, Jutta and I in a joint in-person and Skype meeting. Tomas will leave and Jutta and I will switch into planning our sessions for Tomas’s Online Experience course and our Interactive Storytelling.

The day will continue in this vein, punctuated by emails from several parents about the declining state of morale in Auo’s class. This is one of those problems where it is undoubtedly true that “something must be done” but not at all clear what that “something” might be. The class and their new teacher have neither bonded nor reached an accord, and the education system is inclined, for professional reasons, to place the blame on the children.